Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing

Bagua Pa Kua symbol.

Pa Kua or Bagua symbol

The pursuit of knowledge.
Within the Bagua or Pa Kua symbol is the presence of wisdom. In the center of the bagua is a yin yang symbol. This represents the balance of the earth, you and your life. Within us all is this balance which we can find. Like in the hub of a wheel, in the centre there is calm and stillness to be found.

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Bagua Greetings Card

Mindfulness. The tree of thoughts

Thoughts distract me

My thoughts distract me from stillness. I dwell in the illusions of past and future. Thoughts have taken me away from the stillness within.

Thoughts and time

My perception of you is a reflection of me.

The title and inspiration behind this drawing is from a quote circulating on social media and from an unknown source. It continues... "my reaction to you is an awareness of me".

In the picture, I see only my reflection, while I wear my crown of thoughts, illusions and prejudices.

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Heaven and Earth drawing by Mike Heseltine

Heaven and Earth

The top triangle is heaven while the lower is earth. The center, where the two triangles meet, is the connection between heaven and earth through which we have to pass.
In Celtic symbolism the spiral can represent evolution, progress and the continuous development of the human being both physically and spiritually. The Spiral can have a labyrinth like quality that leads to a consciousness of nature beginning from its center and expanding outwardly. Spirals have been linked to the path of life.

With practice, we can glimpse heaven on earth.

We are all connected

We are all connected

In stillness, we are all connected.
In the centre of the drawing, the sun and the moon are together. This is where time stands still and without time, there are no thoughts and no illusion of self.
We become one.

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I look at you and what I see is me

Letting go

Witnessing my ego

My thoughts define me. I wear my crown and create my story.
But I am not just my thoughts. I am also an awareness beyond thoughts.
An awareness that can witness my ego.

We are all connected.

Ying Yang

The Ying Yang symbol is above my head. It represents how we are all interdependent.
The spirals and circles of life surround both me and the owl, connecting us as one.

Past and future

Hunab Ku with Seed of life.

The seed of life with the Hunab Ku symbol. The Hunab Ku symbol represents one state of being or oneness, which is placed in the tomb.
The Seed of life symbol is above and surrounded by illusions of self.

Mike Heseltine artist