The sacred Chao

The Chao symbol

The sacred Chao between time.

The drawing depicts the ancient Chao symbol which often represents 'everything' worth knowing. The pentagon and golden apple signify the interrelatedness of order and disorder.

The symbol is placed between the sun and the moon, in a place of stillness. In stillness, where there is no time, no past and no future.

In this stillness is a place between thoughts, where everything worth knowing resides.

Eye of God by Mike Heseltine

The Eye of God

The Eye of God is a symbol that represents divine watchfulness. Also known as the ‘All-Seeing Eye‘ and ‘Eye of Providence‘, the symbol has been used since the ancient times.

In the picture, the symbol is placed within the human form. We all have access to the eye of God within us. We are the eye of God.

The illusion of self

The illusion of self

With thoughts comes the illusion of self. In stillness, I return to oneness with all things. I am you and you are me, in the stillness of the grave.

Mike Heseltine artist

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