Buddha Leaf

Buddha Leaf
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Buddha Leaf

Limited edition prints (500).
Signed and numbered by the artist.
Printed on handmade acid free A3 paper.
Approx image size 21cmx x 31.5cm
£220 inc P&P

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Buddha Leaf

The fig tree that sheltered the Buddha has become an important symbol in the Buddhist religion. Just as Siddartha became the Buddha, so the fig tree has became the Bodhi tree or tree of enlightenment. The leaf of the Bodhi tree has come to represent the journey to enlightenment.

In the drawing, the leaf triggers various lines of thought for me. I like the connection between a leaf and our lungs, through to the idea that the figure and the leaf is one. In Baha’i faith each leaf represents a person’s relationship to the community and to nature as a whole, while in Judaism leaves represent how weak humans are because of their susceptibility to the powers of nature. In Christianity a leaf is a symbol of hope, being given to Noah after the flood. It also became a symbol of modesty and perhaps self awareness in the Garden of Eden.

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