Seed of Life

The Seed of Life
Please note Frame and mount not included.
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The Seed of Life

Limited edition prints (500).
Signed and numbered by the artist.
Printed on handmade acid free A3 paper.
Approx image size 21cmx x 31.5cm
£220 inc P&P

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The seed of Life

The seed of Life within all of us.

In the drawing there are 7 circles. In ancient symbols and many cultures the number 7 is significant. It represents the 7 days of creation in Christianity, seven higher worlds and seven underworlds in Hinduism, seven heavens are mentioned in the Koran and In Buddhism there are seven steps to enlightenment. Throughout nature, there are patterns of 7.

The Seed of Life symbol has seven interconnected circles, representing the interconnection of life on Earth and the universe. It also symbolizes that all life originated from a single source in a divine plan.
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